Jacksonville Florida Uniformed Security Guards

At A1A Security Services we take pride in our uniform and in the officers in which we trust to work for our brand.  By looking at a security agencies uniform you can tell what type of firm you are getting for the job. We only hire the best and most qualified licensed security officers in Florida to trust with our clients.  If you need a uniformed security guard at your post you have come to the premier security firm headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida.  Our security guards are not contracted out. When you hire our security agency you are getting our employees to work for you. We cover just the State of Florida so that we can specialize and focus on security services just in this state. You are not hiring a national firm with security guards with little to no experience but you are hiring the security professionals

By having uniformed security officers at a post you are immediately deterring crime.  We guarantee that by hiring our firm we can bring your business 24/7 security where you will significantly notice a decrease in crime. When a patron sees a security officer in a neat tucked in uniform they will imediately feel safe just knowing that there is security there in case of an emergency.  Criminals will also second guess themselves and move along when they see seucirity. They are not going to want to conduct a crminal act when they see a uniformed seucirty guard.